Does Design Matter?


I'm not very good at making things look pretty, and CSS pisses me off to no end.

What intrigues me about making something on the internet is the functionality, and not so much how quirky I can make it look.

I'm very spontaneous - when I think of a cool idea for a project, I just want to make it without having to spend time tweaking the styles just enough to make it fit into the rest of the site's aesthetic.

This is my site right now and it's about the limit of my CSS capabilities.

It's built with tailwind, so on all the posts I can slap in a class="prose" and we're good to go - which is all fine and dandy until I want to add a new page in a couple of months and have forgotten the hundreds of class names that I need to add! No, I need a single CSS file that just makes the HTML defaults look not dogshit and that I can apply to any and all subsequent pages.

I threw together this alternative in a couple of hours over the weekend, as you can see - there is very little styling, but it maintains most of the functionality.

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