Make Vim Better


Finding files:

nnoremap ,f :find *
nnoremap ,F :find <C-R>=expand('%:p:h').'/**/*'<CR>
nnoremap ,s :sfind *
nnoremap ,S :sfind <C-R>=expand('%:p:h').'/**/*'<CR>
nnoremap ,v :vert sfind *
nnoremap ,V :vert sfind <C-R>=expand('%:p:h').'/**/*'<CR>

Line bubbling:

nnoremap ,<Up>   :<C-u>silent! move-2<CR>==
nnoremap ,<Down> :<C-u>silent! move+<CR>==
xnoremap ,<Up>   :<C-u>silent! '<,'>move-2<CR>gv=gv
xnoremap ,<Down> :<C-u>silent! '<,'>move'>+<CR>gv=gv

Word bubbling:

nnoremap ,<Left>  "_yiw?\v\w+\_W+%#<CR>:s/\v(%#\w+)(\_W+)
nnoremap ,<Right> "_yiw:s/\v(%#\w+)(\_W+)(\w+)/\3\2\1/<CR><C-
Insert mode completion:
inoremap ,, <C-x><C-o><C-r>=pumvisible() ? "\<lt>Down>\<lt>C-p>\<lt>Down>" : ""<CR>
inoremap ,; <C-n><C-r>=pumvisible() ? "\<lt>Down>\<lt>C-p>\<lt>Down>" : ""<CR>
inoremap ,: <C-x><C-f><C-r>=pumvisible() ? "\<lt>Down>\<lt>C-p>\<lt>Down>" : ""<CR>
inoremap ,= <C-x><C-l><C-r>=pumvisible() ? "\<lt>Down>\<lt>C-p>\<lt>Down>" : ""<CR>

Include search:

nnoremap ,I :Ilist<Space>

Grepping (with ag):

nnoremap <silent> ,G :Grep <C-r><C-w><CR>
xnoremap <silent> ,G :<C-u>let cmd = "Grep " .
functions#GetVisualSelection() <bar>
                        \ call histadd("cmd",cmd) <bar>

Quick search/replace:

nnoremap <Space><Space> :'{,'}s/\<<C-r>=expand('<cword>')<CR>\>/
xnoremap <Space><Space> :<C-u>'{,'}s/<C-r>=functions#GetVisualSelection()<CR>/

Quick repeat:

nnoremap ,; *``cgn
nnoremap ,, #``cgN
xnoremap ,; <Esc>:let @/ = functions#GetVisualSelection()<CR>cgn
xnoremap ,, <Esc>:let @/ = functions#GetVisualSelection()<CR>cgN

Go to definition:

nnoremap ,t :Bombit<CR>:tjump /
nnoremap ,p :Bombit<CR>:ptjump /
nnoremap ,D :Dlist<Space>

Increment a column of numbers:

xnoremap <silent> ,i :<C-u>let vcount = v:count<CR>gv:call functions#Incr(vcount)<CR>

Actual delete:

nnoremap ,d "_d
xnoremap ,d "_d

Actual "paste over":

xnoremap ,p "_dP

Isolate current line:

nnoremap ,<Space><Space> m`o<Esc>kO<Esc>``

List available snipmate completions:

imap ,<Tab> <C-r><Tab>

(JS) Banner-like comment:

nnoremap <buffer> ,g I// <Esc>A //<Esc>yyp0llv$hhhr-yykPjj

(JS) console.log mappings:

nnoremap <buffer> ,l yiwoconsole.log("<C-r>"", <C-r>");<Esc>
xnoremap <buffer> ,l yoconsole.log("<C-r>"",<C-r>");<Esc>
nnoremap <buffer> ,q ciw"<C-r>"", <C-r>"<Esc>
xnoremap <buffer> ,q c"<C-r>"", <C-r>"<Esc>

And a few "experimental" ones… Quick :global:

nmap ,# :g/<C-r><C-w>/#<CR>
nmap ,@ :g//#<Left><Left>

Specialized (and broken) search/replace:

nnoremap <Space>f "zyiwm'/{<CR>%V'':s/\<<C-r>z\>/
nnoremap <Space>b "zyiwVi(:s/\<<C-r>z\>/
nnoremap <Space>B "zyiwVi{:s/\<<C-r>z\>/

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