Obligation Kills Curiosity


I wrote an article about the importance of curiosity here

I used to live and breath building cool shit - sitting down with an idea and working for hours until I either A) Got it to work or B) couldn't solve the problem, but learned a lot in the process.

Modern education is failing, it seems like it is designed to kill discovery and experimentation, in all facets.

Maybe it evolved in such a way that curiosity is sacrificed for speed and efficiency - producing as many students who meet accepted industry standards in the shortest possible time, at the least possible expense.

The curiosity of the human consciousness, which wants to know and learn everything new, no matter its relevance to a task at hand. This curiosity interferes with the most efficient and productive education strategy - and it is easier to forbid independent thinking than it is to make students desire to have their minds copy and pasted from a decade old textbook, spliced with some professor bias.


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