Guy Torbet.

What I Use

Guy Torbet
Guy Torbet

August 15, 2021


  • Vim - I just love it so much.
  • Tmux - pairs nicely, been using for a while
  • ITerm2 - Go to terminal emulator, nice themes and plugins.
  • Visual Studio Code - Occasionally use for web stuff.
  • Docker - Effective containerisation for my apps.
  • Dozer - Menu bar manager for MacOS
  • Sensible Side Buttons - Lightweight mouse daemon for Mac
  • Notion - 'Note' app of choice, use to organise everything: school, work and personal.
  • Safari - Browser of choice, offers great battery life and the web-inspector has come very far recently
  • Homebrew - Package manager for MacOS: See my installs.


  • MacBook Pro 15 - 2018 15 inch MBP with 2.2 GHz hexa-core i7 and 16GB of ram.
  • iPhone Xs Max - Good phone, big screen, alright battery.
  • Keychron K1 - Low-profile mechanical keyboard, pleasure to use and has mac function keys.
  • MX Master 3 - Best mouse I have ever used, daemon causes battery drain (use sensible side buttons).
  • Apple Magic Trackpad 2 - Use only for smooth scrolling and changing through desktops, makes navigation much easier.
  • LG 34' UltraWide Monitor - Cheapest ultrawide I could find, only 1080p but changed my whole workflow.
  • Sony WH-100XM3 -Very comfy bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones, long battery life and decent sound quality.

I’ve been a MacOS user since I switched from a Surface Pro 3 to a MBP 13 2015 3 years ago. I’ve been a little bit disappointed with the actual status quo of Apple machines, as a Software Engineer I believe that Apple’s walled-garden still offers the best experience and tools for professional developers.


I setup a new device based on my config repo, and I configure my CLI on iTerm2 with zsh as my default shell, boosted by the outstanding oh-my-zsh with syntax highlighting and auto completion, which massively speeds up my workflow:

I also like to install Turbo Boost Switcher, and set it to when on battery, this prevents the mac from using Intel turbo boost, and improves battery life significantly.

I spend most of my time in Vim and Safari, however that might change with university coming up! I like to keep it simple and the software installed to a minimal, to maintain the responsiveness of my machine, and after many hours of research, I'm happy with the setup that I have right now, and this serves as a benchmark of my necessities.

I hope this is a valuable resource for all MacOS developers. Development has been a continually changing environment and it’s easy to not have a direction to put yourself in to have a standard setup accessible. I hope you may be able to find some inspiration on the best tools for the job!